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Deep Tech Advisory

As a deep tech advisor, Dan Goldin applies his Principles to Achieve the Impossible to support emerging deep tech companies. With over 60 years of experience in pioneering innovation in high-stakes tech fields, Goldin offers valuable insights into future-defining exponential technologies. His guidance aims to steer organizations toward responsible growth that uplifts humanity, assisting companies and funds focused on benefiting communities, the planet, and driving significant progress.


Specialized Services

Specialized services in market entry and technical due diligence, we provide comprehensive internal coaching, pipeline evaluation, and bespoke guidance on deal sourcing and the investment process for foreign-based or novice VCs, alongside internal training programs designed to empower your team in executing proficient technical and operational due diligence for discerning investment opportunities.


Strategic Services

Providing strategic services in fundraising support, we specialize in crafting compelling narratives and pitch building, along with producing validation reports for deals in the pipeline. Our expertise extends to commercialization, assisting portfolio companies in identifying, validating, and engaging target customers to secure letters of intent (LOIs), thereby facilitating customer validation and revenue generation.


Embedded Advisory Board

Through our Embedded Advisory Board service, gain unparalleled access to a cadre of experts within the Cold Canyon team for continuous support, including the potential involvement of industry veterans like Dan, ensuring personalized, expert guidance at every step of your venture's journey.

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Market Entry & Technical Due Diligence

Internal Coaching & Pipeline Evaluation

Guidance on deal sourcing & investment process (for foreign-based or inexperienced VCs entering the space)

Internal Training

Training your team on conducting technical & operational due diligence

Due Diligence

Leading the process of due diligence for investment opportunities



Fundraising Support

Narrative/pitch building 
Validation reports for deals in pipeline

Commercialization (Customer Validation & Revenue Generation)

Help portfolio companies identify, validate, and pursue target customers (goal: help them get LOI)


Access to a set of experts within Cold Canyon team for ongoing support; Dan could be part of the team

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Deep Tech Advisory
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