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Do the hard things.

About the video.

My mission is to bring Americans together to advance the critical technologies that enable us to explore, thrive and sleep safe at night. 

This is a hard thing. And really hard things are achieved by people, for people. 

We talk a lot about American Dynamism these days. What American Dynamism needs is more people. And more mentors who have burnt their hands to guide these people. 

I'm traveling across the country to bring people together in this mission. 

This video was filmed at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. They had just cut the ribbon of their Mach 40 HYPULSE Hypersonics and Applied Research Facility. 

If you really want to see some American Dynamism, look to Purdue in the heartland. In fact, don't just look - get involved.


With 60 years of experience in the deep tech, space, national security sectors, Dan Goldin brings unreplicable insight to the technological needs of now and of the future. He possesses an extraordinary career bridging hands-on engineering and futuristic vision across volatile high-tech landscapes, offering businesses the foresight and technical intelligence to lead today while preparing for tomorrow.


As a deep tech advisor, Dan Goldin brings his unique Principles to Achieve the Impossible to nurture the next generation of deep tech companies. With over 60 years spearheading cutting-edge innovation across high-stakes tech sectors, Dan Goldin offers invaluable insight into the exponential technologies defining the future. His balanced guidance steers organizations towards not just commercial success, but responsible growth poised to uplift humanity. Dan Goldin helps companies and funds that benefit communities, the planet, and power our next giant leaps forward.


Dan Goldin is the consummate civil servant, lending his 60+ years of expertise in advanced technologies to advisory boards that shape critical national capabilities. Having spearheaded bleeding-edge innovation initiatives at NASA and across the aerospace landscape, Goldin provides invaluable perspective on nurturing the United States’ leadership in emerging areas like AI, quantum computing, robotics, and commercial space.


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